About us

Claire Higgott started the Thermofax Screens business in 2006 after buying her first thermofax machine. With a background in graphic design and an interest in textiles and surface design going back many years, thermofax printing held a huge appeal for her own textile practice. Recognising that thermofax screens offered an easy to use and affordable alternative to photo-emulsion silk screens, Claire advertised screen making services to other textile artists and students.

The Thermofax Screens business has always been web based and the company now sends screens, inks and squeegees around the world to artists, students and anyone for whom thermofax screens offer a solution to their printing needs. The business has also expanded beyond textiles as the screens can be used on paper and many other surfaces and now there are embroiderers, ceramicists, stained glass artists and enamellers all using thermofax screens in their own way!

Textile art by Claire Higgott