Monday, 12 June 2017

Our bees settled happily into their new home after our move to Sussex nearly two years ago (is it really that long?but last week they swarmed. This is a natural evolution of the hive where the old queen and half of the beesmove on, leaving behind a new queen and the remaining bees.

The bees that leave the hive muster close by for 24 hours or more, often in a tree, and this is a golden opportunity to collect the outgoing swarm and start a new colony as the bees are very docile (too busy planning their move to be interested in stinging anyone!). We didn't have an empty hive handy but our local bee keepers put us in touch with another bee keeper searching for a colony. After an entertaining climb up the tree in full bee protection suit, the swarm was gathered and has now settled a few miles down the road in East Hoathly.

In the meantime the new queen and bees remaining in our hive are happily expanding into the extra space the swarm has created.

The gallery image has been printed on watercolour paper using two of our Ready-made screens - Beeswax 1 medium and Vintage Bee 1 mini and two inks - Black and Fool's gold (we mixed some of the black and gold together roughly to get the mottled effect on the beeswax print).