Thermofax Screens

Discover Thermofax Printing for printing images onto fabric, paper and other surfaces such as felt, leather and lutradur. With these easy-to-use screens you can create fabulous original cloth for use in art textiles, quilts, clothing, bags and home furnishings or exciting papers for use in mixed media art. Find out how to use thermofax screens.

Choose from the extensive range of ready-made designs or our starter kit, or design your own custom screens. There is also a range of high-quality textile screens inks and lightweight squeegees.


Thermofax Screens is back …

Thank you for your patience while Thermofax Screens has been having a short break. We are now back and processing orders as usual.

Did you lose a lens cap at FOQ?

We found a lens cap on the stand when we were packing up after the show - it is from a Lumix camera and has 52mm printed on the inside. If you lost the cap and happen to read this, please Contact Us with your name and address and we will return it to you.



Ready-made screens

A range of pre-designed screens in a variety of sizes

Custom screens

Send us your design and we’ll turn it into a screen

Textile screen inks

Individual pots and sets in a wide range of colours

Other items

Squeegees, mesh and frames

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Starter kits


Thermofax Screens in Craft magazine!

Chic & Hip cover

The current edition of German magazine Chic and Hip (Nr 9 from Sonderheft Patchwork Magazin) is packed full of exciting projects, one of which is to make a thermofax printed felt pouch designed to hold phone and tablet chargers (please note the project is in German). The Charger Cable screen that was used to print the felt is available from Thermofax Screens in two versions with a European or UK plug.